Spider Soli


Spider Soli is a fantastic solitaire game. Your objective is to order all cards in the descending sequence from King to Ace of the same suit to clear them.

You don't need to go to Las Vegas to play solitaire. Open your computer now and you can play solitaire at home. Spider Soli will bring you an amazing experience like in Las Vegas. The rule of this game is really simple and easy. You have to place all cards in descending order from King to Ace. The cards of each pile must be of the same suit. Try to flip as many hidden cards as possible to boost your chance of winning. You can use empty piles as temporary storage. Use the hint to seek help if you are unable to continue. The undo button will help you get back to the previous action. Use your strategic thinking skill to win this game.

Features of Spider Soli:

  • Three levels of difficulty including One Suit (Easy), Two Suit (Medium), Four Suit (Hard)
  • Classic graphics

How to play:

Use the mouse to control.