Stickman Hook


Stickman Hook is a rope-swinging stickman game on many levels. You'll need to use your skills to swing your way through the levels and reach the finish line.

This game's powerups are divided into three categories: those that boost your speed, those that increase your defenses, and those that make you invincible. Activating speed up gives you a 50% increase in movement speed. Your shield will deflect any bullets launched at you, and your Invulnerability will allow you to avoid any obstacles without taking any damage (except bosses).

When playing Stickman Hook, you must make it through many checkpoints on each level before moving on to the next one. When a checkpoint is reached, the player will be granted an additional life if they have completed more than half of the challenges successfully. There are other accomplishments that may be earned by finishing particular stages in a certain manner and meeting certain requirements, such as staying alive while dodging monsters or collecting a certain number of money or diamonds.

How to play:

Use the mouse.