Super Mario Solitaire


Super Mario Solitaire is a game for those who enjoy retro games as well as solitaire card games. You know, the game rules are the same as in FreeCell.

You must place a red card on top of a black card and a black card on top of a red card. You can put the Queen on the King, the 9 on the 10, the 6 on the 7, and so on. Remember that 2 puts on the Ace. And the Ace can go in the top-right corner of the game table. All cards are arranged in this section one by one and by suit. For example, in this order: Ace of Pikes, 2 of Pikes, 3 of Pikes... Have fun playing Mario Solitaire.

You will require agility in this game because if you reach your objective fast, you will have a chance to move up to the top of the greatest players. You must dial the four sets of books, and collect all the cards in ascending sequence of color. Although it appears easy, do not rush to judgment since the game is pretty challenging and you must train as long as you manage to finish the game swiftly. To know what to do in this game, you must always write instructions in the middle of the screen. You must pay close attention to every action in order to avoid becoming trapped and to complete the game swiftly.

How to play:

Use the mouse.