If you want to find a game to entertain, Swingers is a great choice for you. In this game, you have to swing over the obstacles and reach the finish line.

Welcome to Swingers, this is a game that requires skill. You have to cross the finish line by swinging over the obstacles. You control your block and stick to the wall and move to. Quickly get used to the mechanics of the game to be able to overcome challenges.

If you get bored with this game you can play other games on Uno Online such as Squid Mahjong Connect 2, Space Thing.

The character

While moving, you collect gems that can unlock characters. The game has countless characters waiting for you to unlock

How to play

This game has simple gameplay, you use your mouse to control your block. You click to make the box stick to the wall. You must control your character very carefully so as not to hit the wall, otherwise, you will lose. Play and enjoy the game.