Trains.io is an online game for many players, this game is similar to classic snake games and you will control a train that includes many cars.

Explore the game Trains.io

You can play as a single player or as part of a team with other players in this game. Trains.io features an interactive world map. Each player has a different color, and you must destroy them all with your own. You will receive extra points and rank up quickly in this game if you destroy an enemy!

Your train's speed is determined by the number of cars on board, and each car has its own speed. The more cars you have in your train, the faster it can move around the map! However, if you only have one car in your train, it will move slowly, so make sure that whenever you get into a fight with another player, you do not leave any cars behind because they will catch up with you very quickly!

You can also use special weapons like missiles or bombs to help you fight against other players or teams! You should experiment with these weapons because they are extremely useful when fighting stronger enemies who may be difficult to defeat without them.

How to play:

Use the mouse.