Tripeakz is an attractive card puzzle in which you have to select cards from peaks to create decreasing or increasing order until all cards are exhausted.

Welcome you back to card games! In this game, you will continue to experience card puzzles but with a new feature. The cards are randomly arranged on the tops. Your task is to select cards from these tops. However, you must arrange according to the rules. You must arrange the cards in descending or ascending order with the given card. You will win and move on to the next level when all the cards are sorted.

The mechanics seem simple, but more challenging than you thought. You can use reserve cards when you can't move forward. How many levels can you pass? Show your abilities and defeat as many levels as possible!

Features of Tripeakz

  • Fun and interesting gameplay
  • Various levels with many different challenges
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls

How to play

  • Use mouse/touchscreen.