Woobies were cute monsters made digitally for puzzle games. An army of cuddly, adorable, and fuzzy Woobies awaits your rescue from the crusher.

Aim with the mouse scroll and throw a Woobie with the LMB to match the woobies upside. You must gather at least three woobies to assist them in escaping from the stone piston. As you progress through the levels, different colored woobies will be introduced into the game, including black woobies that act as bombs.

The game has 31 levels. Begin with just three Woobie hues. To make a dynamite combination, score many combos after each other. This will result in a ball that kills everything in its path. This is fantastic for clearing those tough Woobies. You start with three lives and lose one if the woobies contact the bottom, so make careful to remove the balls at the bottom to avoid this. Each level will be a little more colorful than the last.

Controls: Use the mouse.