Wormax.io 2


Wormax.io 2 is the sequel to the game Wormax.io- a famous snake online game. Your task in the game is to help the worm hunt down other players.

Play with a huge map:

You must navigate a massive terrain while avoiding running into other players and collecting energy in order to achieve the maximum size possible for your worm. The longer your tail gets, the easier it will be to cause other worms to run into it.

In the same way as the first game, you have to consume food in order to increase in size. This time around, rather than ingesting intangible energy orbs, you will have the opportunity to consume actual food in its many forms. There are both helpful and hazardous items strewn around the environment, and each one will have an effect on you that lasts for a set amount of time. For instance, if you find a magnet, it will allow you to draw food from a greater distance.

How to control:

  • Mouse = move
  • Key Q = speed up
  • Key W = stay steady
  • Key E = to stealth