Simple Simon


Simple Simon is a classic game for everyone who has leisure time. The cards in the game are chaotic and arranging them is what should you do.

Simple Simon will be a great game to kill the time. You have to take time to make the cards in ascending order. Calculating skills are necessary for this game. You only can put the cards which stand next to each other in the deck into one column. The cards will disappear if they have a column that concludes the same suit cards. You will get a high score if you finish four columns in a short time and a few moves. If you find some trouble with the cards, you can use hints. However, you shouldn't abuse them because sometimes they will make you confused. Moreover, you can change the theme, card set, card back, or background for free.

Let's try Simple Simon to have a relaxing time. The game is also suitable for children.

Features of Simple Simon

  • The game attracts many players
  • It’s a classic game that helps you relax
  • Suitable for all age groups

How to control

Press and move the mouse to choose and put cards.