Tiny Jelly


Tiny Jelly is a fun jelly-matching game, where you will have moments of relaxation. You will have to link the jellies together and remove them from the board.

Welcome to the fun world of jelly in the Tiny Jelly game. It is not shooting like in the Woobies game, in this game, you have to match the jellies and clear them from the board. While you clear the jellies you will get points. The more jelly you clear, the higher the score you get.

The levels

This game has a lot of levels for you to play. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. You play and conquer this game.

How to play

This game has a different gameplay from Tile Match Fun on the Uno Online website, you need to connect the jellies together to remove them from the board. You clear 3 or more jellies and clear them. You complete the task in the bottom corner of the screen to pass the level.

How to control: Use the mouse.