Fluffy Cuddlies


Play and rescue adorable creatures in the Fluffy Cuddlies game. You need to match creatures of the same type and save them from the giant crusher.

You will be transported into an adorable world of chicks, pandas, cats, and frogs. It is the same as Woobies on Uno Online, you must save these lovable creatures from the cluster. As time is limited, you need to quickly save these creatures or you will lose.

Graphics and sound

This game has eye-catching graphics and a livable sound system, so it will be suitable for all ages. You can easily play the game with mouse actions. What are you waiting for without joining this amazing game?

How to play

It is similar to Tiny Jelly, you connect 3 or more creatures of the same type to save them from the crusher. This game has a timer so you have to quickly save the specified creatures. When you complete the mission within the allotted time, a new level will automatically open. You will be playing until the time runs out.

How to control: You use the mouse to connect the animals.